Feeding Frenzy

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The Third Coming

This is the third time I get to sit down and try to write about my life. First time it was in 2005 – shortly after I moved to New York – when I started writing on Blogger about my experiences in America. Everything was new and interesting and I was happy to talk about it. It lasted about a year.

Second time it was just after I got my own domain, when I set up a WordPress on this URL and took things a bit further. Things became more detailed, I was writing about movies I’ve seen and food I’ve tried and posted lots and lots of pictures. The audience was still just my friends back home – all the posts were written in Romanian – since everybody here already knew what I was up from Facebook or, more recently, Twitter.

And yet, in time, I started slacking again. The writing became a chore. Some posts took me hours to write, since my OCD need for “perfection” had me typing with Romanian diacritics and writing HTML code for each image in order to display them just right in the blog’s layout. And a few months down the line, when I found a different theme or layout, all this was wasted.

I lost my patience. I feel the need to write – well, sometimes – and I love the feeling that I know my friends still check up on me from time to time. But I had to make things easier, which is why you’re staring at a brand new blog instead of just a new theme. I also decided to write in English – much to the dismay of some of my readers who were reminded of me just by my style of “speaking” – but hopefully this will let me share this with more people.

Welcome to the third coming. It will be better this time.