Seven more days until my friends get here.

I’ve spent the day cleaning up my place. Not that it was very dirty, but I do like to put extra effort for when I have visitors. Still, that didn’t keep some of my friends here (who know how my apartment usually is) from making fun all week of me and my “neatly organized, no mess, no dust, with everything in the room thoughtfully placed” home (direct quote from Ethan). Which might not be an exaggeration considering it took me 7 hours to clean a place that wasn’t that unclean to begin with. But hey, everything is sparkling now.

I’m checking the extended forecast every day now in order to form a plan of visiting – sunny days for walking the city, rainy ones for museums – but so far it changes every time I look. First there was sun next Saturday, then rain all weekend, this morning it was sun, and now there’s rain on Fri and Sat. So much for weather forecasting.

I’ve also started to fill up the fridge and pantry with all the necessities. Which would be candy, chocolate, ice cream and snacks. They used to raid my pantry when they used to come over back in the day in Romania so I’d figured I’d be a bad host if I wouldn’t give them the opportunity to do it again. I’ll probably regret this.


  1. ethan says:

    7 hours….u r SICK man.

  2. grinch says:

    7 hours of cleaning and sorting. That’s so inefficient. It will take us like 7 minutes to reverse that. And it would be half of that if we had Bibi’s highly trained skills.

  3. adder says:

    The aliens are coming! And they’re gonna raid your fridge! Grin

    I think I see a movie script in there.

  4. Andrei says:

    obsessive neatness disorder…

    plus, the guests will reverse all your hard work Smile