On the Intrepid

On Friday we went to visit the Intrepid. It was my first time as well, so I didn’t know what to expect.

We started on the hangar deck, where we learned about the ship’s history – from WW2 and throughout the Cold War – and how an aircraft carrier operates. Very interesting to see the advancement in design through the years and how many planes they can fit on one ship.

The IntrepidF-14 Super TomcatLockheed A-12 BlackbirdF-16 Fighting Falcon

On the flight deck there were a bunch of Vietnam and Cold War-era planes and helicopters, including a Blackbird and a Super Tomcat. We also climbed in the navigation and command towers and checked out maps of the NY Harbor.

After the main ship we visited the Concorde they have there – which was pretty unimpressive – and the submarine. I had been inside one before – I visited Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, at the naval museum in Mystic, CT – but it was nice nevertheless. It had 4 huge pods to store its nuclear missiles.

Sun shining over the IntrepidThe ConcordeMihnea riding the bombOn the flight deckIlinca posing for MihneaLeaving the museum shop

The guests left with some cool souvenirs: mini metallic planes and helicopters, very cutesy-looking. Should have got some myself.


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