Trip to Six Flags

Saturday we rented a car and headed out to Six Flags. I usually go there every summer a few times but this year it slipped away, so I was looking forward to it. This time we even got Flash Passes, which helped a lot.

We started with Nitro – one of my favorites – which has a huge drop that was sure to freak out my friends (some of them have never been on big roller coasters before). It did. So much in fact, that they later said they probably would have enjoyed the park a bit more if I wouldn’t scare the crap out of them with that first ride. Hey, that’s how you learn.

Afterwards we did pretty much everything, the only notable ones being El Toro and, of course, Kingda Ka. At first my friends were a bit terrified cautious about the latter, but in the end everybody rode it at least once. And loved it. Hey, they even got t-shirts.

Adi expressing his joy


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