Renee’s Birthday

On Friday night we celebrated Renee’s 27th birthday at her and Bogdi’s place in Astoria. I provided the party food (burgers from Shake Shack), Osalis made the drinks (strawberry margaritas) and Bogdi brought the entertainment: Rock Band 2 and RB: The Beatles. It was a fun night, with lots of playing and singing until way over 2am.

After the party Suzette drove Ethan home, so I joined to keep her company. We were both craving some bubble-tea so we spent half an hour cruising through Flushing trying to find a place open that would sell it. Sadly, at 3am, there wasn’t a single one.

Pictures can be found here. Looks like I’m sticking with SmugMug for now, so love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Feel free to play with the Style button on the top, especially the Journal mode for a nice viewing experience.


  1. Chris says:

    which one? they’re all friends of Renee’s