Packed and Ready

Bags are packed, batteries are charged, everything is ready. In 5 hours a cab will pick me up and take me to the airport. After changing planes in Miami, I should be landing in San Juan at 2PM local time.

I will be back next Sunday, after midnight. Expect impressions and pictures sometime during the week after.


Safety Concerns

In two days I’m leaving for a one week trip to Costa Rica that I’ve been planning with my friends. We will spend the first half at a resort in the jungle – next to an active volcano – and the last days on the beach, at the Pacific.

I’ve been glancing over a guidebook for the past hours and they had this to say about the the first area we’ll be staying at:

Tabacón is a high-risk zone and lies directly in the path of the volcano’s eruptive path (the former community of Tabacón was decimated in 1968 by an eruption that killed 78 people; and in June 1975, an eruptive avalanche passed over the site of today’s Balneario). A potential deadly avalache occurs within the zone once every two or three years, often without warning, and it is unlikely that anyone in its path could get out of the way in time.

Sounds like fun Grin

Amazon takes care of all my needs

Another great example of Amazon’s suggestion engine Smile

Amazon: Bread and Milk

So far they recommended this (based on a history of ActionScript searches) and this. They know me so well…