Holiday Cheer

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

This has been a pretty packed holiday – usually I get to spend these days indoors catching up with videogames I want to play – but this year was different. Lots of people, parties, going out, things to do.

The Christmas lunch was at Nico’s with all the gang. As usual, we got stuffed like this was gonna be our last meal on Earth, but the food was top-notch.  Afterward we went to see Sherlock Holmes – which is fun btw.

Yesterday I traveled to Brooklyn to Roxy and Slava’s place for another get-together. There was Russian traditional food, lots of booze and happy music. Pictures from the joyous event can be found here.

Looks like this is it for 2009, so I’ll see you all happy people next year. Cheerios.


  1. s says:

    mai nenea, a trecut de multisor the season to be jolly. Pe cand un nou post?!

  2. Andrei says:

    ne bucuram ca esi inca in spiritul sarbatorilor…dar ai putea sa te uiti pe un CALENDAR.

  3. Andrei says:

    anything new happening?
    new bubble tea places – plush toys – gadgets – pictures ?
    movies and games?
    funny parties with the gang ?

  4. s says:

    ok then… inteleg ca the season to be jolly tine o vesnicie, calendar n-ai din principiu… macar un post cu “n-am nimic de postat, nu mai intrati zilnic inutil pe blogu’ meu” ai putea sa pui. De dragul cititorilor care s-au saturat sa vada zilnic ca e vremea sarbatorilor Smile