Tales from The Golden Age

On Saturday evening I attended the New York premiere of Tales from the Golden Age, the latest Romanian movie to win a bunch of awards – and therefore to open here. It was a great comedy made up from 5-6 vignettes showcasing different urban legends from the last decade of the communist regime. Gotta love the moronic political activists, kiss-ass aides and overall sheer incompetence and absurdity. After all, only in Romania someone would think of killing a pig by gassing it in his apartment’s kitchen Grin A must see.

Snowy Central Park

Snow-covered Central Park, this Saturday:

Another Place for Photos

Found this website yesterday (via Twitter), another place to store your photos online. It was recommended by one of the best designers out there and you can tell from the start that it was built by someone with a lot of artistic style and attention to detail. Basically, it’s pretty.

I uploaded a few random pics I took with my GF1 over here. Enjoy!