Vork Vork Vork

This week was too long. And that’s considering the fact it had only 4 days (since on Monday I just got back from Canada). On Tuesday I found a pile of work with my name on it and it only got bigger throughout the day. Long story short, I had a demo to put up by Friday and that turned some of those days into 12-hour marathons.

Now I’m not complaining. Every once in a while work picks up and I have to crank things – and it’s still a good time. The only crappy thing about this time was the fact that I got sick on Monday evening – just a cold, nothing more serious – and I had to spend these intense working days with a hazy brain. So much for focusing. Alas, the demo turned out OK.

The weekend weather didn’t help much – it rained like hell most of the time. Spring can’t come soon enough.


  1. sucheela says:

    one word: pseudoephedrine