Canadian Weekend

I’ve spent this past weekend up north, with Mark – my godson – and his family. I got there on Friday night, the usual way: driving with Roxy’s father from NYC to Waterloo (it’s a 10 hour drive, if you’re curious). I wish I could say we did more than sleeping, playing with Mark and eating, but that was pretty much all we did the entire weekend. Not that I’m complaining, of course, I enjoyed seeing my favorite Canadian family and my godson Smile I came back with Roxy, Mike and Mark today – by plane from Buffalo to JFK – and they continued their journey to Seattle.

Adorable little scoundrel Smile All the pictures can be found at the regular place.

Launch Party

Last night I went to check out a launch party for one of my friend’s websites:, an online boutique for fashion designers. I expected the usual tech-crowd – most of our gatherings are geeky on the extreme, with a M/F ratio of about 99%. So I was very surprised to see last night a lot of women – even models I assume – plus a live DJ and open bar. In retrospect, the site is about fashion, and parties with free unlimited drinks are like catnip for fashion industry people.

We didn’t stay long – I’m leaving for Canada today so I had to pack – but enough for my friends to almost get me drunk. Almost.

Empire State of Lego

I was in a Barnes & Noble this evening – looking for gifts for my godson (which I’m going to see this weekend) – and I ran into some sets from the LEGO Architecture series. I got myself the Empire State Building, which you can admire below:

It has a pretty small brick count; I guess they wanted to make the buildings look simplified. It works though, the end result looks less like a kid’s toy and more like something you could keep on your work desk.