Reeding Up

Reeder Sometimes last week – while looking for a beter RSS reader for my phone – I found a little app called Reeder. I had previous attempts with reader apps but none of them were really usable – their sync with Google Reader was spotty at best. Until I found this.

Reeder is so good, it changed my commute. Before I used to listen to music or read a book on the subway, but these days I sync it in the morning and read all my feeds on the way to work. Star the ones I find interesting for further study and when I’m back above the ground, another sync and it’s all in my account. I used to check out my feeds at work – took a good chunk of time, too – but now I do it on my phone, even when I’m at home. The interface is so much better – in Google Reader I either read all feeds expanded (which takes a lot of time) or have it as a list (which is hard to read for 20+ posts) – while Reeder’s list view and touch scrolling is perfect. It also integrates with Instapaper – another recent discovery – and has sharing and emailing links built-in.

Basically, if you’ve got an iPhone and have RSS feeds, get this. It’s so worth it.


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