This was another great weekend.

On Friday night my cousin came to Astoria and we went out for some drinks at a nearby lounge. Since the place makes very good frapp├ęs (so very few places here do), I got one. Usually getting one at 11PM means that I will be up until 2-3AM, but this time I was coding all night until 6 in the morning. After only 4 hours of sleep – my cousin stayed over and had to leave before noon – I went back to coding until the evening. So yeah, a productive day (and night).

Spent the Sunday with the girlfriend: had brunch in the city, went to see West Side Story, then an exhibit on Tutankhamun, ended with romantic dinner at a wine&chocolate bar. I took some pics with my phone, but the combination of iPhone camera and low light resulted in some very heavy noise. I salvaged a couple using some filters from Lightroom and they’re up on facebook.


  1. adder says:

    So what were you working on?

  2. Chris says:

    the private bash Wink
    the new one should be up tonight or tomorrow