GF Reviews

I keep running into reviews for my new camera, all over the internet: Gizmodo, Engadget, PhotographyBlog and – of course – DPReview. Unsurprisingly, everybody loves it. Just like me Grin

Digital Camera Upgrade

Following the recommendations of a handful of friends – some of which work in the field and some who are really good at taking pictures – I preordered a new digital camera, the just-announced Panasonic GF1. I don’t usually preorder things, especially expensive things, but this time I succumbed to peer pressure and pulled the trigger.

My old camera was – well, still is – an ultra-slim Sony T7 who had the advantage of being carried with me pretty much everywhere due to it’s tiny size, but fared horribly in low-light areas and indoors. After a series of botched pictures I took some weeks ago – some of which I really wanted to keep – I decided it’s time for a new one. Besides, I’ve been using it for over 3 and a half years.

It should get to me sometime in October, provided the stock lasts (my previous choice, a black Panasonic LX3, has been sold out – or heavily overpriced – for the past 6 months). Will post pics upon arrival.