NY ComicCon 2011

NY ComicCon 2011

PAX East 2011

Just got back from this year’s PAX East. It was held in Boston, just like last year but at a different venue. Fun times, as usual.

You can see pictures here.

California Dreamin’

I’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s around Los Angeles, with Cindy’s family. It was my first time in that area (my only other West Coast experience was San Francisco in 2008) so we split our time between visiting relatives and exploring around. We went to Universal Studios and took the tour, Malibu and Santa Monica beaches, Getty Museum and Hollywood Boulevard (where the stars are), Rodeo Drive and Griffith Observatory with its beautiful views of the city, Queen Mary (an old cruiseliner turned into a museum) and – my favorite – Legoland. We walked around LA a bit too.

We had a great time and nice weather – at a time when New York City was buried under snow. And, on a personal achievement note, I drove on this (Wikipedia) Smile

Enjoy the pictures!