Canadian Weekend

I’ve spent this past weekend up north, with Mark – my godson – and his family. I got there on Friday night, the usual way: driving with Roxy’s father from NYC to Waterloo (it’s a 10 hour drive, if you’re curious). I wish I could say we did more than sleeping, playing with Mark and eating, but that was pretty much all we did the entire weekend. Not that I’m complaining, of course, I enjoyed seeing my favorite Canadian family and my godson Smile I came back with Roxy, Mike and Mark today – by plane from Buffalo to JFK – and they continued their journey to Seattle.

Adorable little scoundrel Smile All the pictures can be found at the regular place.

Back to Touring NYC

The trip to Canada was great, but very short – I had only a day and a half to spend with my friends and my godson, in between a bachelor party and a wedding. It ended as quick as it started, with me hitching a cab from the chapel to the airport.

I got to NYC in time and later that night my friends got here. So far I took them to see most of Manhattan – well, most of midtown and downtown – and to some of my favorite food places. So far they seem to like it. I’ll be elaborating on later posts, with pics.

Now to try to catch some sleep – I really need some rest after these days – and the fact that one of my friends snores like a bear doesn’t help at all. Might have to hit him with something. ZZZzzz…

Off to Canada

The backpack is full, the gift bags are ready, the gadgets are charged. I even have some black tea bubble tea for later, when I’ll be driving part of the 10-hour trip. It’s guaranteed to keep me awake until late night with no problem.

I’ll be back on Saturday, when I’m flying from Toronto. Should get to NY around 8 PM, same time as my friends from Romania. And then the fun begins!