Vork Vork Vork

This week was too long. And that’s considering the fact it had only 4 days (since on Monday I just got back from Canada). On Tuesday I found a pile of work with my name on it and it only got bigger throughout the day. Long story short, I had a demo to put up by Friday and that turned some of those days into 12-hour marathons.

Now I’m not complaining. Every once in a while work picks up and I have to crank things – and it’s still a good time. The only crappy thing about this time was the fact that I got sick on Monday evening – just a cold, nothing more serious – and I had to spend these intense working days with a hazy brain. So much for focusing. Alas, the demo turned out OK.

The weekend weather didn’t help much – it rained like hell most of the time. Spring can’t come soon enough.


After a great weekend – attended a birthday party on Saturday night (clubbing till 4 AM) and a dinner party on Sunday (with delicious home-made food)  – this week started with me getting sick. Really badly. On Monday night I went to see a Comedy Central Presents show (stand-up comedy, basically) and by the time it was over I was feeling like someone just hit me with a sledgehammer. Repeatedly. The next couple of days brought some relief, but I’m still away from recovery.  I can’t take any days off (my company doesn’t have sick days and I already used all my PTOs) so I have to come to work and try not to infect my friends. Hopefully by next week I’ll be done with it.

Been spending my nights – as long as the sickness allowed me to – playing Modern Warfare 2. For anybody who played the first one, this one is a must. Same fast-paced, gun-blazing, insane-action shooter, with missions all over the world. From running atop shanties in Rio de Janeiro to infiltrating Russian oil rigs (and even a prison), the game delivers on every aspect. Multiplayer is fun as well, you gain levels and equipment the more you play. I’ll explore that more after I’m done with the singleplayer campaign.

The last piece of news is that I managed to finish my first iPhone app. Don’t get excited, it’s just something simple for work – a browser for our wallpaper catalog. Usefulness: 0. Probability that anyone outside my company (scratch that, anyone *at all*) will use it: 0. Having all the time in the world to learn Objective-C and CocoaTouch: priceless.