Archive of

This is the collection of my obsolete websites. None of these will be updated anymore, they're here just for historical purposes.

The Blogs

For the past couple of years I tried to write about my life in the United States. It was mostly for my friends back in Romania, although it turned into something more closely resembling a journal. As you can imagine, it's pretty personal.

end 2009 - 2011

The third installment of the blog switched to English - in order to include my US friends in my audience - but was much less frequently updated. New social websites — facebook, twitter — took care of most of my “status updates” and dedicated websites (like SmugMug) hosted the pictures.

2006 - mid 2009

The second generation of the blog (running on WordPress and hosted for the first time on my own domain) was an attempt at writing about every aspect of my life. I was posting much more frequently back then, about pretty much anything. Romanian only.

In May of 2005 I moved to the United States and the first blog (hosted back then on Blogger) was put together to chronicle the new life. Romanian only.

spring 2001

In the spring of 2001 I visited the United Kingdom as part of a student exchange program. During that time, I periodically emailed my friends to share the stories of my (mis)adventures. That didn't work out too well — people kept complaining that they were left out — so I put together a small site (hosted back then on the ad-supported to share stories and pictures. Romanian only.

Other Websites

Some very old websites, from the time I just discovered web design and was experimenting building web pages for things I found interesting.


A collection of quotes from various sources: literature, movies and even video games.


Magic: The Gathering

Not technically a “website”, just a page featuring some Magic: The Gathering card artwork.



An older — and obsolete — version of my resume. Has screenshots of some very early projects.